Ren'ai Koufukuron

Author: EIKI Eiki

Status: Completed   

Genre: Drama , Yaoi ,

Update: Dec 15, 2011

Ren'ai Koufukuron

Next update: about Dec 22, 2011


As the son of a prominent and wealthy family, Yutaka wears the mask of a gentle elite student. Frustrated by this facade he must put up and stifled by a future already laid out of him, the only way Yutaka can find to deal with the boredom and unhappiness of his empty life is through sexual release. Then one day, Tohno, a delinquent-looking student with blonde-dyed hair, suddenly transfers into Yutaka's class. As Yutaka finds himself more and more obsessed with a deep abiding lust for this young man, his daily descents into sexual fantasy begin to interfere with his life, until the ferocious impulse to possess Tohno for his own leads him to a diabolical scheme.
First volume complete. Dropped by Author.*
According to notes at the end of the first volume, Eiki-sensei was originally planning a second volume to complete the series. However, she has noted that with other projects going on, she has no plans as of 2009 to continue.


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  1. ray ray girl said at January 15, 2016 4:03 am

    No eiki eiki senseither please please in some possible way in your life of work please I bag u to try to continue this series and do the 2 volume of this manga its really good and I just didn't want to stop reading this so soon so please if you could spare some of the time to continue on with the next volume it would really make the rest of your fans and I completely happy and we really appreciate you and all you hard work you've done and continue to do as well so please check to see if you have any time soon to continue on to the next vol because we all wish to know what happens next and what shocking new twist awaits us all who are dieing too now more!!!!!

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